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Step 6: The Sensor - Ring Board

Sensor Ring Board

Cut the stripboard to a length of 118mm.

Drill a small pilot hole 47.5mm from one end of the stripboard, centred across the width. This is centred between 4 existing holes.

Using this hole as the centre, cut the end of the strip board into a 95mm diameter semi-circle. I used a compass cutter. Score the stripboard from both sides until the board can be neatly broken away.

Using the same centre hole, cut a 58mm diameter circle from the stripboard. This is a sliding fit over the washing machine selector knob.

Cut the strips at the two locations shown in diagram.

Next, install the LDRs: Cut the cotton bud stems into 28 off 3mm tubes. These are used to space the LDRs from the stripboard. Thread a spacer on to each leg of an LDR before soldering it in place as shown in the photographs.

Populate the board with all jumper wires.