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Step 9: Light Tight Control Knob Cover

Picture of Light Tight Control Knob Cover

The control knob on the washing machine is constructed from a transparent material. Early tests indicated that stray light passing through this caused false triggering of the sensor.

To overcome this, a light-tight control knob cover was constructed as follows:

The lid from an empty 125g tub of E45 skin cream proved to be of a suitable size ('Trash to Treasure' anyone?!).

As this is white I made it light tight by lining it with a disk of black Plasticard and a ring of dense black foam rubber. These were both cut out using the compass cutting tool.

The disk was fixed inside the lid using a disk of double sided adhesive film.

The foam ring fitted tightly over the programme selector knob so did not need adhesive.

The complete assembly is attached to the washing machine control knob using a disk of double sided adhesive film.