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Picture of Tape Dispenser Station
Here is an simple step by step guide on how to make my Tape Dispenser Station. I needed a way of storing my tape and to easily use it without taking up too much room. So I came up with this. Hope you enjoy :)

Step 1: Tools and Material

Picture of Tools and Material
Drill Bits
Power Drill
Wood Glue
Wood Saw
Sand Paper
Hacksaw Blade (Preferably used)
Metal Clippers (To cut the hacksaw blade)
Set of files
Engineers Square
Pillar Drill
Band Saw

Plywood Sheet - Between 3mm - 5mm thick (I chose 4.5mm thick)
Plywood Sheet - Between 10mm - 15mm thick (I chose 15mm thick)
Wooden Dowel - Between 8mm - 12mm Diameter (I chose 9mm Dia)
zuipschuit4 months ago
simple and very usefull. I like it! thx for sharing
mlduffy4 months ago
An old Boy Scout trick for an on-hand saw was to pull the the serrated edge off a plastic wrap/aluminum foil/wax paper box. I bet these could be used by someone who doesn't have an old hacksaw blade to chop up.

TFP- I'll have to try this for my classroom!
Kink Jarfold4 months ago
Wee, this surely does beat my tape storage.
crofty265 months ago
Great idea! I’m going to try this myself :)
furri5 months ago
I love this work, you have my vote...
audreyobscura5 months ago
Thanks for sharing your design! I definitely picked up some tips too!