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Picture of Easy & Inexpensive Little Girl Birthday: Tea Party

What little girl [or big girls too really] doesn't love a Tea Party?!

Well, that's exactly what my daughter and her best friend, born a week apart, wanted for their 6th birthday party. Truthfully it's easy to go a bit over the top for little kids' themed birthday parties these days. But I'm of the mind set to "Work Smart Not Hard", but make it look incredible at the same time of course. So this time my goal was to keep it simple, yet little girl sophisticated!

Budget is also a contributing factor. Besides the cost of the food, which you can make as easy or extravagant as you want, the overall cost of this party was very inexpensive. Actually, I bought all the decor items at my fave $1 Store! It did help however, that my daughter Teagan is my Dad's little "Tea cup", so he had already started quite the tea cup collection for her. But you don't have to look very hard to find some beautifully decorated tea cups, trays, plates, and more at vintage stores and places like Salvation Army. So have fun with it and mix it up!

Welcome to our Tea Party.... enjoy Darling!

"Yes, that's it! Said the Hatter with a sigh, it's always tea time." Lewis Carroll, Adventures of Alice in Wonderland

"My dear if you could give me a cup of tea to clear my muddle of a head I should better understand your affairs." Charles Dickens

Step 1: We Started by Picking The....

Picture of We Started by Picking The....

THEME: that's easy, Tea Party!


DECOR: Tea Cups, tea spoons, paper flowers, & more tea cups

ACTIVITY: Decorating tea cups [of course] & a dress up photo op

PARTY FAVORS: Pink satin gloves & the tea cups the girls decorated

FOOD: a birthday cake for each birthday girl, cupcakes, little pettifor cakes, tea sandwiches, and other small bites

craftyv3 months ago
The best party ever. Congratulations to the girls and the mums. So much is simply bought these days but I am A Make-Do_and_Mend crafter so this is brilliant. I'm sure it was a great success and very satisfying. you get my vote!!
MikeWillard4 months ago
I like how you hung the tea cups from that cool chandelier. And the DIY tea cups was great idea.
BicycleTricycle (author)  MikeWillard3 months ago
Thanks! The girls had fun making the teacups.
NanaWyllie4 months ago
Wow! My granddaughter would love that party!!!! So neat! Thanks for sharing.
BicycleTricycle (author)  NanaWyllie3 months ago
Thanks! It was a lot of fun!
roseandizzy4 months ago
This is so darn cute
Where did you get that adorable toaster?
BicycleTricycle (author)  roseandizzy3 months ago
Thanks! The toaster teapot came from London. It was a gift from my Dad. Sorry don't have a source.
Aunt Kika3 months ago
This looks so nice, I'd do it for me and my friends! Great job!
This looks like such a lovely party! All the desserts look delicious and I love what you did with the sandwiches, simple but very effective :) Having a party favor that is also an activity is great too!
BicycleTricycle (author)  Penolopy Bulnick4 months ago
Thanks! The activity = party favor is always a win/win! So glad you enjoyed reading about it. Happy to share about the party!
rocket radhi4 months ago
Awesome party for kids
BicycleTricycle (author)  rocket radhi4 months ago
Thanks! So glad you enjoyed seeing it.
the cake looks good and the decos, thanks for sharing
Thanks! It was a lot of fun.