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The Best Dutch 'Stroopkoeken' Recipe

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Mmmmm that's all I can say when I think about 'stroopkoeken'. It's my go-to Dutch treat when I fancy something sweet. I am moving to France in a few months and since they won't be available there I decided I wanted to make some of my own. That way, if I ever fancy them (which is often ;) ) I can just whip them up and have a little piece of Holland. Stroopkoeken would be translated as 'molasses or syrup cookies' and not many foreign people know about them. Yes, they have heard about the (also a favourite of mine) stroopwafels (molasses/syrup waffles) but not about these, which I think is definitely a shame..! So for all the non-Dutch people who have never tried these, and to all the Dutch people who want to make some themselves: here is my recipe for Dutch 'Stroopkoeken'.

mikpar6 months ago
I will definitely give these a try. I have a package of Stoopwafels in the panty. They are available here in the Seattle area. My mother was Dutch, and Stroopwafels were a favorite of her's. Do yo happen to have a recipe for the wafel ? Thanks
lschwartz mikpar6 months ago
Where in Seattle? I have a Dutch friend in Edmonds who would send them to me. dank u heel vell.
mikpar lschwartz6 months ago
My sister gave them to me. She kept our mother supplied. But there were a few packages left unopened when mom passed away last year at the age of 94. My sister took them home, but then gave tow packages to me because, she said, she was eating too many of them. My good fortune! :)

I was going to ask her where she got them. But now I see on the package that they came from Trader Joe's. If your friend is not familiar with Trader Joe's, you can tell her that there is one in Lynnwood, at 196th and Aurora, in the shopping center near the the Joann Fabrics. It is a new location. They used to be on the other side of Aurora. (Lynnwood borders Edmonds to the north and east. she should have no problem finding it.

There is no guarantee they will have them in stock, but there are other TJ's in the area. The ones I have are in a blue and white can with the Trader Joe's brand printed on the can. So unless it is a seasonal item, there is a good chance they will have them.
lschwartz6 months ago
I lived in Scheveningen 1974-1976 and loved stroopwafels but never encountered stroopkoeken; I wish I had. I finally found an importer into the US for stroopwafels but they had stopped importing them. Now, they are periodically available at Wawa (kind of like 7-11) stores in Maryland and Pennsylvania and I found them at Costco (a giant membership store chain) at Christmas. When they come again, I'll try and find the stroopkoeken from them. I don't cook so I'll have to enjoy them vicariously through your 'ible. It was very well done!
tmross46 months ago
Is apple molasses the same as apple butter? Here in California, molasses is the product of making white sugar.
tm3 tmross46 months ago
Gadisha tmross46 months ago
I'm from Holland and I think she means " appelstroop", It's made by heating Apple Juice (and sugar) until it thickens.
We fell in love with these cookies when we visited Amsterdam a few years ago. I'm pleased to see that I can recreate them at home. I live in France and have never seen apple molasses. Is there something else I could use instead?
Katrienn (author)  Italiankiwiblog6 months ago
Thank you for your nice comment, glad you liked the cookies when you were in Amsterdam! I used apple molasses because this was the only molasses available in a glass jar (I try to use less plastic wherever I can). I am not sure if the right word to use in molasses or syrup, but 'normal' kitchen syrup (which I normally put on my pancakes) works perfectly fine as well!
That's good to know. I'll try it with maple syrup or golden syrup then. Thanks!
Gadisha6 months ago
Lekker :p
jessyratfink6 months ago
I adore your photos! They're so elegant.

The filling sounds really delicious :)