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A first Instructables Project by Ridvan Kahraman, Okan Basnak and Sacha Cutajar. Conducted as part of the Computational Design and Digital Fabrication seminar in the ITECH masters program.

Conceptual Origin

The idea for this project comes from an unorganized meeting where 30 people had to pass around a ball to make sure only one person was speaking at one time. However, it was still hard to keep so many people organized, and the ball did not always succeed in preventing others from talking. The slapper headband solves this issue once and for all!

Everyone who is partaking in the meeting wears a headband. If they do not have the ball and they try to speak, they will get punished! Possession of the ball is a privilege. If you have the ball but waste other people's time by not speaking, you will also be punished!

The code is set up in a way to allow for other possible modifications. For example, you can count how many times each person has been hit, and use this information to humiliate them later on. The score is kept at a central server, which you can monitor using your phone, or your computer.

Step 1: Electronics Needed

Picture of Electronics Needed

Here are the electronics you will need. Note that the quantities indicated below are meant for the construction of TWO headbands and one ball.

WEMOS D1 Mini Microcontroller x3 :

Micro USB cable with enabled data transfer for communication with laptop:

Sound Sensors x2 for voice detection in the headband:

Hall Effect Sensor x2 to read magnetic field as input in the hand:

Servo Motor x4 using two per headband:

Jumper Wires (3m):

Mini Breadboard x3:

Battery Cables or HBridge:

Magnets x6 for ball to be read by hall sensor:

LEDs x6 for ball timer (we'll assume you can find these at any local hardware store)

10kOhm Resistors x3 (ditto for these)

jeanniel13 months ago
Love the thought process involved with the design of this! LOL!
Donnalother3 months ago
dikaitman4 months ago
Epic idea
Eburwin4 months ago
Epic idea. I like it.
GrandJosie4 months ago
Anyone think this would help American Idol: Presidential Edition? I mean the Presidential Debates?
I heard these are being given away at Antifa protests! ;)
BryanG1064 months ago
this is a hilarious idea. I can see this being used as a party game
tisaconundrum4 months ago
This is so silly.
Next step. Taze a person for speaking out of term.
Gadisha4 months ago
Lol XD
tomatoskins4 months ago
This is such a great take on an old technique! Nothing like immediate consequences for your actions. I like it!