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Step 5: Setting Up the Code: Getting Started


As previously mentioned in Step 2: electronics list, this setup relies on the Wemos D1 Mini Wifi Shield to link the Headbands with the Ball. If you are, like us, just starting out with using Microcontrollers of this sort, we highly recommend you watch the setup video below to get you started in the wonderful realm of wireless communications!

Getting Started Tutorial:

Do note that while you are searching for the board under libraries, the D1 mini is registered under LOLIN(WEMOS) in the latest updates, unlike that shown in the above link.

In general the principle for the code is for the headband to send information based on the situation it is currently faced with. These conditions are primarily related to whether the ball is in hand, read accordingly through the magnetic sensor, whether the ball is still held after a certain interval and whether the timer on the ball is still clocking down.