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Step 7: Assembling the Headband

Now that the circuits are complete, it's time to start building. Prepare your glue, preferably a fast setting one that doesn't require a tea break after every layer.

Note: You might want to jazz up the headbands by painting the various parts in different colours. But feel free to also leave the pieces in an untreated wood finish for a more raw appearance.

1 - stick the first 4 components indicated in the image together. The small piece is used to brace the servo from the side closer to the mouth.

2 - Using the Elastic fabric/ band cut a piece, roughly 12cm and slide into the lower slit of the component. Glue the end as you loop it out from the other side to secure it.

3 - Attach the servo motor in the empty slot and wrap its wires on the support for a neat finish, making sure to keep the pin ends visible as indicated.

4 - Let's add some flames! These will cover the servo and finish up the side component.

5 - Cut one kebab stick to around 12cm and attach one carboard glove by folding and gluing its back end on itself. Place the combined piece in the servo's shaft and slide into the gap at the top.

6 - Once that is done, attach the whole piece to the stretchy headband by gluing the other end to the top loop.

Repeat steps 1-6 for the other side and remember to mirror this setup.

7 - Grabbing the back plate, attach another 12cm elastic band as previously instructed.

8 - Attach the circuit setup to the plate as shown making sure it is secured somewhat firmly.

9 - (Optional) Attach another elastic band (20cm) at the top.

10 - Attach the whole setup to the main headpiece, remembering to connect the wires of the motors from the circuit. There is a dedicated path in the laser cut sides to help you direct the cabling.

Now that the headband is complete, let's move on to the ball!