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Step 8: Assembling the Ball

Picture of Assembling the Ball

The ball is more straightforward (thankfully!):

11 - Glue the similar halves of the ball to each other.

12 - Bend the soldered LEDs into a hexagon shape and attach the whole setup as indicated.

13 - Glue each LED into each of the sockets found on one side of the ball to keep in place. Gently place the remaining circuit on top of this setup.

14 - For both halves of the ball prepare the silicone mixture (half the bottle used in the link) and pour it into the mould. We highly recommend applying a releasing agent on the surface like soap to make removal an easier process. Place each piece on top such that it locks in place. Wait 3 hrs and remove. Repeat for the other half.

15 - Close both finished halves by using the threaded shaft.

16 - Attach the 6-8 magnets on the outer belt. These will be read by the hall effect sensor when the ball is in hand.

Voila' the ball is ready!