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Step 9: Assembling the Glove (Optional)

Picture of Assembling the Glove (Optional)

While you can just attach the hall effect sensor to your thumb but crudely taping it and spanning wires along the arm up to the headband (like what we did in the end), you may also take the extra step and create a glove to complement the overall aesthetic...feel free to paint flames on this too!

17 - solder some jumper wires to each of the three ends of the hall effect sensor. Attach these to the power, ground and data terminals accordingly. Here is a link to check what each pin corresponds to.

18 - Take any fabric or latex glove and snip off the fingers that will not house the sensor. For the thumb, snip off the end to allow the sensor to peek through from the inside.

19 - Apply some glue to the inside of the glove to keep the sensor in place.

Now your hardware is all set!