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Picture of The Lady and Kong
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A challenging idea I came up with after seeing photos of a "carry me" costume.

Step 1: Gorilla body

Making Kong's body was easy. I had this blanket sized piece of furry black fabric which I cut the front and back and arms. Sewn together with zippers on the sides and suspenders at the top. The chest piece was originally from a child's superhero costume which I cut out the chest part and spray painted black. The hands are a faux leather fabric, fingers have foam tubing pieces. Inside the arms are swimming pool noodle foam tubes, and a cord running from the hands up through to where the shoulders would connect to the body. Some internal material was also sewn in to support where the suspenders are attached. A strap added to the left hand that would wrap around the Lady's waist.

The Gorilla feet were bought through eBay. I attached some elastic to wrap around my ankles and found some lightweight shoes that fit inside perfectly. Then two strips of black furry fabric with hook and eye for the ankles. A fake chain also around the ankles attached by twist ties.

A thin fabric internal short pants worn beneath the furry suit for comfort. A strip of foam covered to hook around my hips beneath the gorilla chest to simulate shoulders, and a half inflated pillow tucked in back (behind my shins) created some fullness to the gorilla backside.

What imagination!! What dedication!! Such talent!! Everybody should love and VOTE for this one to WIN! :D

Riffifi1 year ago

this is hysterical!! XD

Swansong1 year ago

Haha, that's a pretty fun costume :)