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Picture of The last Splicing tool I build

As a sailor I quite often want to splice eyes or rings into modern ropes (allthough the books still teach you can't splice braided ropes ;-) ) . Over the years I have bought, used and made a couple of tools for this purpose - they all have their pro's and cons - until I joined a professional rigger opening his trick box a little bit for some interested folks like me. And here's what I took back from this enlighting exercise ...

Step 1: Design and material

Picture of Design and material

In fact this splicing tool consists of a wooden handle and a "u-turn" of steel wire. There is pulling force on the wire which dictates the way the wire is attached to the handle


I wanted a "U-turn" of ca. 20cm plus 10 turns of each wire end on the handle, so measuring the circumference of the handle as 70mm (x2 x10turns) plus 200mm (x2) I ended up at 1800mm ... generously rounded up to 2m

materials and tools used

circa 2m of steel wire with d=1mm

exactly 1 piece of round wood with d=20mm and l ~ 30cm (both dimensions are uncritical)

electric hand drill with drill bits 3mm and later 6mm

pliers, vice, permanent marker

quahogwi2 years ago

Now why didn't I think of this? (head-slap) Thnx.

Brion Toss would be proud ;^)

MikeD50 (author)  Midnight-Maker2 years ago

maybe not ... they might see this as competion LOL

Since I have this tool I can splice braids which are off limits for "pushing" tools ... like moderately used ones or more densly braided ropes