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Picture of The Multiverse Blanket

I've always been into threads. Yarn. Bobbins. Wool... I was amazed, as a child, about the fact my grandmother could turn balls of yarn into sweaters. I learned to knit by myself with books (it was before the advent of Youtube), because it's how I learn the best, and also because my grandmother's mind left us with her astray body.

I was not her only grandchild, she had eleven. But although she didn't like much to, she knitted mostly for me. This is probably the reason why I've always been into threads, and yarn, and bobbins. And wool. Wool is love.

This is probably why the day my then boyfriend and now husband told me "Hey, why not making it a living?", I just felt like I was given the permission to be the real me, finally.

Life happened then. I was just being used to be me. I was just coming back home after learning to weave with a professionnal weaver, and life happened as a car driver into my boyfriend's motorcycle. Life turned topsy-turvy.

Days of anxiety. Weeks of hospital, arriving at 1pm, leaving at 8pm, every day. Months of pain, hope and despair, fear.

It's years now.

Life is still quite topsy-turvy.

Threads, yarns and bobbins are still not making a living. But wool is love. Even if my floor loom lies, disassembled in the attic, as we are lacking of space for it, I am working on my future dream job. I sometimes binge work on it! Knitting, sewing, weaving, tatting! I've spent as many hours into my project as a day worker, always looking for a interesting technique to improve my skills.

This how I discovered pin loom weaving.

Step 1: There Is 'Pin Loom Weaving' and 'Pin Loom Weaving'

Picture of There Is 'Pin Loom Weaving' and 'Pin Loom Weaving'

Actually I already knew what was a pin loom. Or at least, I thought I knew. Pin loom was that counter-intuitive to warp and weave from tiny loom.

A weaving technique you have to guess the length of yarn you will need was not for me. You can find here a detailed video on how to weave on this kind of loom. I never did.

I do another kind of pin loom weaving I discovered accidentally - I don't remember how or when. The day I saw the video was an epiphany for me. It looked so easy, so logical - and, better than everything, you weave directly from the ball of yarn. You use only the length you need. There are only four tails of yarn at the end of weaving, and there could be two if you use the same yarn for warp and weft. But actually, what really tickle my attention on this technique was the look of the finished square. There is a nice bind off all around it, absolutely perfect for pick up stitches and knit. It was like opening a hidden door I was foreboding the existence.

The videos are from LionBrand, here are the links :

The only problem was the device. The "Martha Stewart Crafts Lion Brand Yarn Knit & Weave Loom Kit" cost about 40$ (it seems to be no longer available now). It sounded quite expensive for just a plastic frame with pegs!

Eh, you know what? We own a 3D printer!!

Augustny1 month ago
Beautiful blanket! Easy, step to step instructions. Thank you for sharing!
Bravo! I like it!
skippydodah72 months ago
Thank you for posting this. It brought a smile to my face. Impossibilities always become possibilities. A true multiverse. I’m jumping on this. Thank you!!
annhamel2 months ago
I love the mix of jewel tones and pastels. This blanket is beautiful. Your Englsih is perfect. Thank you for sharing.
Really nice! Wonderful work and creativity!
JavierL903 months ago
Incroyable.. c'est vraiment belle ce que tu as fait!! t'inqiuète pas, ton anglais est parfait :)
Calune (author)  JavierL903 months ago
Merci, c'est gentil ^^
mikej_w3 months ago
Thank you. I enjoyed your story and it adds to what your blanket already was. It is beautiful.
Dooder73 months ago
I have never posted comment before, but had to tell you how BEAUTIFUL I find your blanket.
I, too, LOVE weaving and wools and you have used the colors you had so magically.Yes, you should be so proud of this piece. I understand how you want to look at it all the time.
I love it
Thank you!!!
JudyP633 months ago
I'd have never guessed this was made from a mixed lot of "ugly" and old yarns. The way you combined the threads makes each square sing! You should be very proud of this piece. It is truly a work of art!
Rexanvil763 months ago
Thank you so much praying for you and your husband
You've inspired me ive been feeling down after a few bad years of ups and downs myself leukemia took my identity when it took my career away
Im alive and can do little things and this looks like fun and rewarding thank you and your English is great
Madame Blue3 months ago
I can identify with this so much. We have a quilt my husband's mom made from the remains of various sewing projects, and he can pick out his sisters' dresses, or his and his brother's shirts, from among the squares. Your blanket is beautiful, both on its own, and with your personal history with the wool it's made of. Your description also is lovely and poetic, as warm as the blanket you wove. Thank you for sharing with us!
dug10003 months ago
This is one of the most beautiful blankets I've ever seen. The story and the emotion behind it is apparent in the blanket itself and, knowing that it is all wool makes it, for me, even more wonderful. It is a masterwork.
Grannyfix3 months ago
I am not a yarns and wools person, but your blanket, made of memories and made with love, is so gorgeous I'm working out right now how to fix myself a throw using your technique. Those colour blends are knockout too. Congratulations on making something wonderful.
Calune (author)  Grannyfix3 months ago
Thank you, I hope you will success!
jessyratfink3 months ago
I am so stunned by how gorgeous this is and how much work went into it! You're amazing :D
Calune (author)  jessyratfink3 months ago
Thank you, I'm not amazing though. Just obsessed ;)
This is super impressive! Making both your weaving loom and then that beautiful blanket! Just wow :D
Calune (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 months ago
Thank you ^^