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Picture of The Thinnest & Narrowest Portable Nes?

This is a 3d printed NES portable built using an NES on a chip retrobit NES. It is 129*40*200mm. it has 8 hours battery life, digital volume control and stylish(maybe) green case. It is not emulated, it is hardware run off an original cartridge so you can still play your original cartridges or test cartridges at games fairs. It was printed in green PLA at 0.2mm layer height. At 129x40x200mm it is as far as I know the thinnest and narrowest NES ever made.

Step 1: Why Did I Build It?

I wanted to play NES games, but I didn't want it to be tv connected. The original NES takes up so much space in your living room that by the time you have routed the cables and the controllers you have aged significantly assuming you don't have a permanent setup. This is the desire to build a portable NES, playing the games available but in a portable form so you don’t trip over trailing cables every time you want to play Tetris or Super Mario. The NES is old and simple, this means that there are many games that are available and homebrew games that have been recently released, this console without the flawed connector and lockout chip means that dirty cartridges are more likely to play. The instructable is not entirely chronological and the pictures are not as detailed as I would like, if you would like pictures of specific parts that I haven't shown then please tell me.

ZJC9225 months ago
This is absolutely amazing!!!! I’ve been trying to do the same thing after watching Ben Heck’s video but am not great at 3D modeling. This is exactly what I was thinking in my head too, a GameBoy form that can play NES games! Great work!!!!!

I really hope you post the STLs soon because this is just the perfect set up and tutorial. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
M-Parks (author)  ZJC9225 months ago
Thanks, Ben Heck, and the show is where I got my inspiration to do this project. I have another design currently being designed which I will probably post on here too. The STL files are still (slowly) being developed to make them better, smaller and cheaper to print.
This looks like a lot of fun to play with! What program did you use to design the case?
M-Parks (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 months ago
Originally Creo Parametric but then I redesigned it in Fusion360, the software is irrelevant really though as it is shapes added and subtracted, the program that you know is always better than the one you don't, most 3D design programs could design a similar case assuming you know how to use it. Although I would not recommend something such as Tinkercad for something of this complexity, it is too basic.
urmumsmum5 months ago
are the files for the case avaliable?
M-Parks (author)  urmumsmum5 months ago
they will be at some point, I need to adjust things like the screw hole sizes, the headphone port position and make it 195mm so it can be printed on a 200mm bed
btw also ur design is really cool, the stl files must have been hard to do
NotTayyeb5 months ago
This is insanely impressive! A truly unique project, and interesting concept. Definitely something you should be very much proud of - Kudos!!
Tanbam5 months ago
Very cool!

You don’t sound too happy with the sound, perhaps you would want to try out a different amplifier? I’d bet a Class D amp (like the MAX98300) would make a nice upgrade. The package wouldn’t be easy to solder for most people, but I could hook you up with an evaluation board that you could just wire up.
M-Parks (author)  Tanbam5 months ago
That would be very helpful, it would be good to see if it is an issue with my amplifier design/wiring or is a flaw in the console circuitry. Thanks for the offer and the nice comment.

The sound is usable and certainly recognisable but at minimum volume there is a barely audible 60hz buzz and at maximum there is a reasonably loud buzz which changes as the game menus change, the black menus of tetris each have a different buzz.
The buzz could be signal wire interference, power supply interference with the screen (I removed some of the filtering to get it to run at 5v) or the way the ASIC generates the sound interferes with the video.
audreyobscura5 months ago
What an awesome design!!!