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Picture of The Washing Machine with a yo-yo

The Washing Machine is one of my oldest tricks, but it's still one of my favorites. I get a lot of requests for this one, however very few yo-yoers actually know how it's done.

The trick itself can look very intimidating but trust me, it's totally doable by any intermediate player.

The trick; a yo-yo starts attached to the string (like most yo-yos are) but is removed from the string and popped into the air before being re-attached... All while the yo-yo is still spinning.

I have attached a video demonstrating the trick, check it out.

The yo-yo; Any yo-yo can be used for this trick as long as it can sleep (spin at the end of the string). I've even used a Duncan Butterfly. As with any trick, the longer the yo-yo can sleep, the easier the trick becomes. So I suggest using any decent ball-bearing yo-yo. Using a butterfly shaped yo-yo would also totally be recommended.

It's a bit tricky for me to describe some of the moves in text, especially when a step requires you to switch planes (such as required popping the yo-yo off the string, or using your thumb to put it back in the loop). So if you have difficulty on a step (or a suggestion for a description change) please let me know.

For more yo-yo info and videos you can check out Thanks Phil and Shan for helping out with the pics.

Step 1: Unwind the string

Picture of unwind the string
Hold the string about 3 inches above the yo-yo and untwist the string.

When the string is unwound enough you should be able to open it up with your fingers. The wider the loop, the easier it will be to do the trick. Usually about 20 spins will do the trick.

When it's ready, wind up the yo-yo like you would any other yo-yo.

Is this easiest with a certain string material? i tried to get it with my Metal Drifter on some slick-6 string, and it seems like the fibers of the string hold the string "closed" past about half an inch up the string (the string will un twist but will stick to itself and not let the strands come apart) also, should the string tension be particularly low, and should i use newer strings?
kthekiss10 years ago
wow, dude! i went to your site and you are multi-talented! way to go!
napalm00811 years ago
what kind of yoyo is that it's pretty good.
Doctor Popular (author)  napalm00811 years ago
It's a Bolt. Available from and from
higgrobot11 years ago
All I could see was eggs, there must be something wrong with me
Doctor Popular (author) 12 years ago
It's a combination of things; a decent ball bearing yo-yo, refined throw, and smooth execution of the trick. Most yo-yos are ball bearing these days.
dartman12 years ago
nice trick, nice yo-yo to what is it a viper? i have the coral snake and it rulez
Doctor Popular (author)  dartman12 years ago
It's a Bolt Yo-yo.
dartman12 years ago
btw im trying 2 learn how 2 yo-yo freehand style but idk any tricks other than the basics got any kewl ones?
dartman12 years ago
oh..whoops ijust watched the vid and didnt look at the photos closely until just now heh heh
mark10112 years ago
still here for the people to see
Doctor Popular (author)  mark10112 years ago
Thanks. It's fixed now. Safari and instructables seem to have troubles together. I had a lot of trouble deleting the image on my laptop, but it looked like it was finally off. Now I can see that didn't work. So I borrowed my girlfriends computer and it deleted right away.
Doctor Popular (author) 12 years ago
Step 4 had a vintage picture of a nude woman in the background. It seemed to be the focal point of the comments, so I've fixed it.
the original is still there LOL@ the orange paintjob
Romano91112 years ago
I always loved watching that trick... this vid is inspiring me to practice it myself... thanks, Doc!
royalestel12 years ago
Definitely PRON! C'mon man . . . watch your backgrounds in your photos. It really distracting among other things . . . Otherwise a rilly great instructable. But I'm flagging it anyways . . .
mark10112 years ago
Punkguyta mark10112 years ago
No no no, you got it all wrong! It's pronounced "Pr0n".
robtsou12 years ago
It's not PRON, it's EROTICA! Nice instuctable Doc!
mantislee12 years ago
Nice trick and nice instructable...with a side order of vintage p0rn. :-)