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Picture of Thien Baffle Dust Extractor With Quick Change Bucket

This project is inspired by Hector Acevedo's tiltable shopvac dust collector.

Instead of tilting the top section, my design incorporates Matthias Wandel's foot lever idea for a quick and easy bucket release:

The Thien Baffle was invented and patented by J. P. Thien: and it works amazingly well. It's big advantage is that it occupies a fraction of the space needed for a large dust collector or a conical cyclone.

Why Build it?

If you have ever tried collecting dust and shavings from woodworking equipment with a traditional vacuum cleaner or a shop vac, you know it is a losing battle because the filters block up too quickly.
This dust collector was made to collect the dust from a small band saw and a bobbin sander at my local men's shed. Both these machines have 40mm dust outlets on them, which should be within the capability of this dust collector.

It is obvious that a small – bore extractor like this can't handle machines with 100mm output pipes, eg. A Planer thicknesser or a big table saw, which need purpose built dust extractors.

The quick and easy removal and installation of the waste bucket is a huge bonus.

Step 1: Parts List:

1 round vacuum cleaner. If it is bagless like a shopvac, so much the better. (Mine wasn't)

1 plastic bucket for the Thien Baffle diameter 300mm, height 300mm (eg. a paint or tile glue bucket )

1 Strong plastic bucket 300mm dia x 400mm high to catch the dust

chipboard 20mm thick x 390 x 390 to create a surround for the dust receiver bucket

chipboard 16mm thick x 390 x 390 mm OR scraps of wood 210mm long x 16mm thick x 70mm wide to make a surround for the bucket
15mm plywood 390 x 390 for the baffle. (6mm thick would be fine)

300 mm dia circle of 10mm mdf with a 50mm hole in the centre (goes under the vacuum cleaner)

300mm dia circle of 16mm chipboard with a 50mm hole in the centre for the top of the Thien Baffle.

1 x 150mm pvc pipe 45mm OD (internal tube)

1 x 150 mm pvc pipe 60mm OD. (Inlet tube)

Wood to make the support for the inlet to the Thien Baffle

1 x radiata pine 100 x 200 x 20 (this is the block for the internal bag holder)

sheet metal 0.4mm x 120 x 170 bent to fit the vacuum cleaner bag

3.4 metres (11 feet) radiata pine, 70mm x 20mm

1 metre (39”) radiata pine 40mm x 20mm

2 x 70 x 50 x 38mm blocks for the front legs.

2 x 180 mm diameter wheels with through bolts (salvaged off an old barbecue)

6 x 10mm ID washers & 2 x 5mm spacers for the wheels

1 x 70 mm hinge.

1 metre of adhesive foam draft excluder 12mm wide.

Wood screws

PVA glue

Silicon sealant.

1 x Spring 220mm long x 20mm dia, 10g wire thickness

2 x 6mm eyebolts 60mm long with nuts and washers.

2 x 6mm x 40mm bolts with wingnuts, & washers