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Picture of Three Dimensional Maze

Tired of solving the same boring mazes over and over again? This 3D printed maze will have you thinking in three dimensions! Based off a childhood toy, this game will (hopefully) have you stumped for hours. Not hard enough? Now you can design your own interchangeable parts for ultimate enjoyment.

The goal of the game

Each side of the multidimensional puzzle has a starting square. You must navigate a ball through a series of corridors and tunnels to get from one checkpoint to the other. Once you've completed the task, your ball is already set to make the journey back to its original square.

Make sure to check the attached images for additional notes!

All attached STL Files are formatted in millimeters

Step 1: Design

Picture of Design
Scanned Image.tif
Artboard 3.png

To create the layout of my maze, I plotted a rough draft of one side onto a piece of graph paper. Once I was happy with the design, I digitally recreated the sketch in Adobe Illustrator. I decided that this side would be the top of the maze.

After finishing the first side of the maze, I printed the pattern and began to plot the paths for the second side that would connect all of the separate slots that were previously planned on the first side. During this planning phase, it was important to ensure that all of the slots would be accessible by the ball bearing and that there would be no closed loops within the maze.

Once again I digitally replicated my design for the second side and marked the locations of the holes connecting each slot.

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offseidjr2 months ago
Cool idea! Aesthetically pleasing and simple enough to build, considering you have access to a 3-D printer.
PriestJason2 months ago
Can you please post a video of this project completed and being used? I would love to see how it works. Looks fanfreakingtastic in the pictures. My late Dad bought us, as kids, that tilt labyrinth to teach us hand-eye coordination. The game has two knobs that you turn and depending on how the table is leaning the steel ball roles around the maze, The point is to avoid the holes and make it through the maze to the end. If you fall in a hole you start over. It worked magic for my coordination as I love to work with my hands to create projects, draw pictures, write calligraphy with fountain pens, use tools, build and ride motorbikes. It didn't help me with video gaming though, I am that guy that runs around in circles aiming at the sky and the ground, twisting and turning and running into walls and other players who are online haha, I know you all have at least one friend who plays like me. If you do decide to add a video please let me know so I can watch the maze in action. Skäl