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Picture of Tim's Cybot Arduino NANO Remote Control

This project is to create an Infrared Remote Control to control the Original Cybot received with the magazine Ultimate Real Robots, started back in 2001.

Reason for making the remote:(a little history)

Before the issue of the parts for the IR handset, Cybot was put into different modes by selecting DIP Switches. (There was no issue with Cybot while this was the case) When the IR Handset was issued, things changed. A processor was upgraded to change the function of the DIP Switches. The DIP Switches where then used to set the channel used by the IR Handset so that more than one Cybot could be used together at the same time. (Up to 16 Cybot could be controlled with the Infrared Controls ) However, when the Infrared-Download-Board was issued, there where problems. Not all the boards where manufactured the same, there where issues that made some not work correctly or not work at all. There was a fix issued but this did not fix all. I was one of the unlucky ones, nothing worked for me from there on, everything relied on the Infrared Handset working.

If you, like me, was one of the unlucky ones that had the same problem, you may wish to dig out your old box of Cybot bits and make this Infrared Controller to control it.

The only thing I could not do is: Voice Control and PC LINK

Step 1: The Remote in Action

I had trouble focusing, I used my old phone to make the video.

Brian clark3 months ago
I have tested your code and works good with my cybot
now I have two hand controls thank you

Palingenesis (author)  Brian clark3 months ago
That is soo cool.
Thank you for leaving a comment.
You have made my day. I am so glad it has worked for some one else.