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Picture of Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream S'mores Sundae

This is probably the most ridiculously delicious ice cream I've made in a good while. Top that with some super simple Cocoa Hot Fudge, sprinkle on even simpler to make Graham Cracker Streusel and wow, talk about heaven on earth.

If you’re in need of further explanation or details, come by my shared b log Flaky Bakers for more.

Step 1: Toast the Marshmallows

Picture of Toast the Marshmallows

Be smart here, buy more than one bag of marshmallows as if you're anything like me, you'll burn the whole first batch.

Lay them on their sides on a silicone baking mat and tuck them under the broiler. Do not take your eyes off them or the fire department will be by shortly.

Once they're toasty to your liking on one side, flip them over as best you can (it's a feat but kinda possible) and toast the second side.

Set them aside to cool while you make the ice cream.

BayRatt2 months ago
I just bought an ice cream maker... was thinking more along the lines of fresh fruit sorbet and such... WAS... I am not thinking that now.... I loooove toasted marshmallows... I think this is a better idea! :-)
Humboldtartdept (author)  BayRatt2 months ago
You have made a very wise investment and a very very wise choice! I hope you enjoy! Please let me know how it turns out, once you come back down to earth!
Vishnu Kutty2 months ago
My Mouth was saying OMG.. look like a screamy very much..
Humboldtartdept (author)  Vishnu Kutty2 months ago
Hahaha! That's awesome! Thanks so much!
jessyratfink2 months ago
Man I really need to buy myself an ice cream maker! This looks SO GOOD :D
Humboldtartdept (author)  jessyratfink2 months ago
It'll soooo totally be worth it, I promise! Thank you!
attosa2 months ago
Oh my goodness, this looks fab!!
Humboldtartdept (author)  attosa2 months ago
Thanks so much!