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Picture of Toasty Toes - Insulated Foot Mat

When the winter weather is wicked and outdoor activities are aplenty, this Toasty Toes mat will be your new cold-weather bestie!
With just a few simple materials and an hour of your time, you can create this Toasty Toes mat for your next outdoor halftime.

List of Materials

  • scraps of utility/indoor/outdoor carpet, (2) 14" squares
  • Filler fabric - thick poly interfacing, for example
  • Heavy-duty thread
  • Velcro, 2" x 6" piece


  • heavy-duty scissors or utility knife
  • leather hole puncher
  • ruler
  • large-eye needle
  • white marking pencil

Step 1: Create Layers

Picture of Create Layers

Sandwich layers:
1. carpet

2. filler fabric

3. filler fabric

4. carpet

I cut 14" squares, which should be large enough for most sized boots. I used iron-on interfacing, 1/16" thick, hence the iron. Not necessary, but it helps with slippage when sewing. Your filler fabric should be synthetic/bonded, so as to not absorb water.

allangee6 months ago
Awesome, voted! Reminds me of my Dad telling us when he was a boy in Norway they'd all go watch the speed skating races, and everyone brought old newspapers to stand on. Apparently made a HUGE difference in how long you could stay out. Now, with newspapers dying out, this instructable is a great way to avoid standing on your phones/tablets/laptops!