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Picture of Toy Car Wheels From Soda Cans

These wheels cost nothing, look good and are easy to make, so if you need some- flip to the next step and I'll show you how to make them.

Step 1:

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I came up with this idea when thinking on how to utilize the waste parts of aluminium soda cans form my previous project. Remember, when I made those Kusudama Balls From Waste Materials? ...Well, I do!

Anyways, to make one wheel, you'll need two aluminium cans.

AndriyM56 months ago
Круто! Скільки кг навантаження витримує колесо?
Waldemar Sha (author)  AndriyM56 months ago
Уявлення не маю. Для іграшкової машини буде точно достатньоб але якщо спаяти чи на епоксидку, та ще й посилити вісь... я якось спробую, бо хочу використовувати ці колеса в майстерні - тоді й зроблю заміри.
TqW6 months ago
Very nice publish, creative idea of rubre tire! perfect for RC Car tunning! thanks pal!
Waldemar Sha (author)  TqW6 months ago
Thank you too.
So smart yet so simple solution. I think its one of the best 'ibles I have read. Great job mate.
Waldemar Sha (author)  JohnSmith-Workshop6 months ago
Thanks mate!
mickeypop6 months ago
Another is to make from old pill bottles.

Heavy duty rubber bands make a fare tread and if you seal them they work as water wheels too.
studleylee6 months ago
Amazing idea! Great for lightweiath RC airplane wheels too!
Waldemar Sha (author)  studleylee6 months ago
Thank you. Airplane wheels is a good implementation.
ErwinB196 months ago
EUREKA!! Wheels are expensive... knew there had to be a way for something homebuilt (better than cutting a circle of wood!=) and alas: here it is! Good pictures, very understandable instructions. Now gotta see what kind of cans we have here in Europe....
Waldemar Sha (author)  ErwinB196 months ago
Thank you very much! I suppose, you have the same kind of cans as I do, since I'm from Europe (although some may debate this statement...)
UkeDog6 months ago
One of the coolest instructables I've come across yet!
If I can ask, what size bike tube are you using for standard soda/beer cans?

I've only got old road bike tubes handy, but I'd like to know what to beg for at my LBS...
Waldemar Sha (author)  UkeDog6 months ago
I have all kinds of tubes in my batch and the may differ a bit as to the width (circumference), but with different meassure of perseverance most of them will fit.
I suppose I used something like this:
sconnors6 months ago
Using the bike tube for tires is sheer genius! Very clever project.
Waldemar Sha (author)  sconnors6 months ago
I just have too much of free time at my hands. Thank you :)
MarcelS96 months ago
Waldemar Sha (author)  MarcelS96 months ago
Thank you!