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Picture of Toy Puppet Theater

Kids will have many opportunities to use their imagination with this puppet stage. Lower the drawbridge and pull the curtains and the puppet show can begin. Hand puppets can pop up in many different places. There is even a window on the side where tickets can be sold. The backdrop can be change easily when the story changes. After the show is over the sides fold in for easy storage.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

2 4x8 1" foam insulation sheets

Wood glue - outdoor

Hot knife to cut foam (Any wood saw will work but hot knife doesn't create so much mess)

Old sheets or fabric

Acrylic paint

X-acto knife to cut fabric

Paint brushes

2 8 foot 1/2" pvc pipes

Large piece of paper or fabric for background

Curtains (One 40" x 84" grommet panel cut into pieces)

scrap wood pieces

Yard stick

Layout plans