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Picture of Transform Any Bag Into a Camera Bag

A camera bag is very useful to carry all your stuff during a trip or on a set, but camera bags are expensive and it also reveals that you carry with you expensive equipment. Which can lead to the theft of your goods. That's why sometimes carrying your stuff with a regular bag is safer, especially during vacation. But you take the risk of damaging your camera.

So to combine the safety of a camera bag and the discretion of a regular bag I designed a storage system to transform your bag in a camera bag.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

To built this you will need:

A bag

A gym carpet

Duck tape


A rule

RavinderS202 months ago
I was looking for a bag for my cam,good suggestion thanks
garavin3 months ago
Very nicely done! I think you could substitute any kind of closed cell foam, such as sheets of pipe insulation or even cheap sleeping bag pads used by hikers. I agree with others who mentioned that gaffer's tape would probably look more "professional", but it's relatively hard to find compared to duct tape, so I have no issue with using the grey stuff. Adhesive backed hook and loop fastener would also work to keep the dividers in place.
Cavill_GG garavin3 months ago
Absolutely! I've done this and similar stuff some times before and pretty much any foam works - pipe insulation is a funny add-on, as it allows circle-shaped compartments.

If you want a more professional finish... How about black duct tape? Same outworldly resistence... But black!
monguin4 months ago
I've been thinking about a similar project, this is great inspiration for materials and design, thank you. Did you consider any other materials, or other methods instead of tape? I like the velcro idea suggested in another comment.
Not sure what "gym carpet" is or where to get it. What are it's other uses? Maybe it's what they call Yoga mats here in Canada?
I agree that it is likely what is called a Yoga Mat here in the U.S. and apparently only in some parts of Canada :-) . Another option that might be cheaper is to use a roll of toolbox drawer liner. In the US it can be purchased for a few dollars at Harbor Freight, or other discount tool places.
yes, it definitely looks like a yoga mat to me.
gkern terezi4 months ago
Im from Toronto, been IN Yoga for Three years, and I’ve never heard of a Yoga mat before, maybe your from the West coast, and you all do things a bit different down there.
chikid684 months ago
I think that I would use gaffers tape and rather than tape the compartments in I would use Velcro so it can be easily reconfigured later just like my camera bag has.
I'm thinking that if you are going to store camera bodies on their backs you should invest in some body caps to keep dust out of the interior and protect the very delicate mirror retracting mechanism from damage. The idea is nicely executed, though.
WannaDuino4 months ago
sorry but when gaffer tape is getting warm it will stick and let it`s glue lose to anything it touches.
so to put your EXPENCIVE camera gear in that, will make a lot of trouble when walking in the sun the first time. and A LOT OF CLEANING AND RUBBING..
so i think this is a very bad idea.
Very nice job putting it all together! Looks like it would work well :)
Mattiew179 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick4 months ago
Thanks, glad you like it!
RedMadEvil4 months ago
great idea ! we could even add scratch so that protections are flexible!
Mattiew179 (author)  RedMadEvil4 months ago
Yes I had this in mind. That's why there are pieces of tape to fix the scratch.
Great idea! Black gaffer tape would look more professional!
I tried to imitate the style of the bag I found on the market. But in black I think the result would be pretty good.
Arenoria4 months ago
Very clever idea! I'm definitely going to make one for myself
Mattiew179 (author)  Arenoria4 months ago
Thanks. Let me know how it turns out!