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Picture of Transform a Backyard for a DIY Wedding

After being disappointed looking at different venues, (with their lists of rules and charges), my daughter decided she wanted her small wedding held in our own backyard, that way we could control everything and most of all, save money. (A penny saved is a penny earned, right?) We didn't have to deal with any other people except for the caterer and the table/chair rentals.

Unfortunately, the yard had been neglected since the sprinklers had broken. Dead grass and weeds galore. We had "fix the yard" on our list of things to do, now it was a kick in the butt to actually get it done!

We decided to do most of the things for the wedding ourselves, including:

1. Fixing the Yard

2. Plant Flowers

3. Hanging Lights

4. Making the Flower Arch

5. Draping the Patio

6. Invitations

7. Chalk Board Signs

8. Bouquets, Corsages, Boutonnieres, Centerpieces...

9. Wedding Cake

10. Tables, Chairs and Settings

11. Music and Video

12. Wedding Dress and Home Made Veil

I hope you have as much fun and save lots of money for your DIY wedding like we did!

Step 1: Measure Your Yard

Picture of Measure Your Yard
tree before.jpg
remove tree.jpg
christmas tree.jpg

You need to first measure your yard to make sure you have enough room for all your guests. We don't have a huge yard, but we only invited about 50 people. My daughter knew she wanted large round tables. So we figured we'd need to fit at least 5 ten people tables. We used bedsheets to help visualize this. We laid them out at roughly the size of the tables and placed them around in the yard to see how they would fit.

We realized we needed a little more space and decided to remove the rusty shed. We tore it down and now just keep the lawn mower in the garage. We put the table for the bar in the space where the shed had been.

We also removed a little pine tree, it looked kind of out of place there anyway. (But don't feel bad, he made a fine Christmas tree.) Instead of just chopping it down and leaving a stump, we actually dug it up. It was easier than I thought it was going to be; the weight of the tree helped with leverage in getting the roots out.

soniajesq1 month ago
I love this! My daughter is getting married and they’re having the some of same issues. I know this instructable is going to help her decide a lot of things! Thank you!
jenileigh (author)  soniajesq1 month ago
Thank you! If you have any questions, just ask! It really wasn't as hard as I thought it might be, and we saved lots of money. :-)
seamster1 month ago
Oh my, this is an incredible amount of work! Well done on such a dramatic transformation, and in pulling off quite a large event as well. Bravo! : )
jenileigh (author)  seamster1 month ago
Thank you!
AnandM541 month ago
Did lots of work for wedding .... Wow... And also to instructables... Great ....
jenileigh (author)  AnandM541 month ago
Thank you!