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Picture of Tree of Life Pendant

Some projects, I make as soon as I think of them. Others remain a concept for the rest of their days. And, there is the select group of projects I simply know I am going to make, no matter how much time goes over actually getting to it.

Four years ago, I saw this wonderful instructable. It lead to me getting a few amazing pieces of wood, and following the project to make a pendant. I knew I wanted to use the other pieces to turn into my own version.

Now, that is where it got a bit tricky. I wanted to use wirework, but everything I thought of felt like a mismatch to the material. Again and again I came back to the original project, rereading the introduction. Most important for me was to be able to come up with a design that fit the original thought behind it, yet also putting my own style into it.

Seeing the remix contest pass by sparked the concept again in my head. Out of nowhere, I knew what to make of it - two circles, of which the inner one could spin around. Yeah. So, I sawed out a rough shape, took a piece of sanding paper, and went outside to enjoy the weather while sanding the outer ring. While walking, I realised how interesting the slight curve of the material was, and a new concept was born - using it in a bracelet rather than a pendant, fitting against my arm, some macrame for the bracelet. I kept walking, and kept sanding. The ring started getting a final look, and it finally clicked.

Sometimes nature itself indeed is the best designer.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

- a wooden ring (more about this in the next step)

- wire: I'm using silver plated copper wire of 0.4 mm / gauge 26, 0.6 mm / gauge 22 , and 1.0 mm / gauge 18 (examples linked). I'd recommend either having a slightly thinner ring, or substituting the 1.0 mm / gauge 18 wire for 0.8 mm / gauge 20 wire. It's doable with the one I used, and I like the visual result, but it's rather tricky to nicely work away the ends.

- beads: to prevent too many styles mixing in the final look, I used a set of differently sized silver coloured beads, matching the wire.

- pliers: the ones you'll really need for this project are cutting pliers and flat nose pliers, I just like having my different ones laying around in case I might use them.

Very fun take on a tree of life design :)
emilyvanleemput (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 months ago