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Picture of Trick 'r Treat Sam Costume!

If you've read any of my other Halloween costume Instructables, (Annabelle, The Exorcist, Jason Voorhees, Furiosa, or The Predator) you know that my kid's LOVE dressing up as their favorite horror icons. This year my son chose a lesser known character from the cult favorite Trick 'r Treat! True fans of the genre will recognize Sam Hain immediately as the "Spirit of Halloween" that punishes those that break the rules of the holiday.

Step 1: Thank Goodness for the Internet...

Picture of Thank Goodness for the Internet...
Trick or Treat Studios - Trick 'r Treat Sam Unmasked by Russ Lukich.jpg

We always start by watching the film in question and researching reference pics from the internet. While we see a lot of little Sam in the movie, there's not much of him without his burlap mask. But, we wanted to do the character with his face exposed because it's more of a challenge AND MUCH COOLER. Luckily, there are artist renditions and action figures of Sam floating about on the internet and a few screen grabs from the film. I suspect some liberties have been taken by other artists as Sam is seen mostly in shadow in the film but, since this is OUR version of the little imp, we decided to take our favorite bits from the references we found to make our mask.

Amazing build! Going to have to try this one!
Intofx (author)  RickSanchezC13710 months ago
Thanks! Report back if you give it a shot!