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Picture of Turk's head dice
I generated a 3D model of a Turk's head die in one of my other instructables (you can check it out here). In this instructable I'll show you how to actually tie one! My dad and I tied it together, which made it much easier. He did most of the tying, while I held the cube, read off instructions and checked his work. It's very easy to get off and make a mistake so checking and rechecking your work is very important!

Step 1: What you need

1. A 3.5" cube. I picked one up at a craft store.

2. Lacrosse crosslace (or chord that is .1" in diameter). I order mine online here. You'll need 149 feet in the following 15 lengths (they match up with the instructions that you'll print out in the next step).

Strand 1: 55 feet
Strand 2: 5 feet
Strand 3: 16 feet
Strand 4: 16 feet
Strand 5: 5 feet
Strand 6: 5 feet
Strand 7: 5 feet
Strand 8: 5 feet
Strand 9: 5 feet
Strand 10: 5 feet
Strand 11: 5 feet
Strand 12: 9 feet
Strand 13: 4 feet
Strand 14: 5 feet
Strand 15: 4 feet

3. A drill or dremel. I have a drill so I also needed a hex chuck for tiny bits:

4. 3/64" drill bit. I got mine on amazon:

5. T-pins. You'll need 92 of them.

6. A file. Any size will do. We just need this to file the corners of the cube a bit.

Not all of the following is necessary, but you'll definitely need something to help weave the strands. We used 7 and 8 almost exclusively, but 9 and/or 10 would work as well.

7. A knitting needle. This is really helpful for straightening strands and for getting under strands.

8. A threaded needle for tying the knot.I got mine from Martin Combs, who has a website here: From there you can shoot him an email to order a medium brass needle.

9. Another alternative is a latched hook:

10. Or small needle nose pliers.
Wow, that is phenomenal! Great Job!
This is outstanding. I am floored by your skilled craftsmanship. Well done.
Kiteman6 years ago
How did you create the knot print-outs in the first place?

Are they a file you found somewhere, did you draw them yourself, or is there a piece of software to generate such things?

allwinedesigns (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
I wrote this program to help me design Turk's heads:

You'll see me use these images in many of my instructables.
You wrote that?

Outstanding! You could write an instructable just on how to use that programme, and see what creativity you could enable in others.
allwinedesigns (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
What I'm actively working on right now is an app that can generate Turk's heads in 3D. I'm trying to keep it much simpler than the above program, and have it initially catered toward making jewelry by 3D printing the knots. I'll probably make an instructable about that one first. To see more on that check out my Facebook page:
allwinedesigns (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Thanks! I actually have a draft for one that still needs a lot of work, but I'll get to it eventually.