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Picture of Turn Beer Caps Into Jewelry!
Beer Cap Necklace Instructables v2.jpg

Beer caps are often works of art by themselves. Some people like to collect them, but I don't have time and space for that kind of hobby. However, for me, some beer caps are just too beautiful to throw away and deserve a second life. So I decided to turn one into a minimalistic pendant.

This project can be made with basic hand tools in less than an hour.

Let's get started!

If you speak French, here's a quick video about the project:

Step 1:

The metal part of the pendant is made out of metal. As I don't have access to a CNC nor the workshop of Clickspring, I salvaged a metal disc from a broken hard drive. The disc that maintains the magnetic platter on the spindle is made with a CNC and perfectly balanced. Recycling that piece will make the project a whole lot cleaner and faster to make. It'll also make the final product look like it was made in a more advanced workshop.

To open up a hard drive, there aren't ten thousand solutions - you'll have to remove all the screws that maintain the drive together. Usually, manufacturers use Torx screws on these enclosures, so keep that in mind if you have only a limited set of tools. Also, don't force - if a screw doesn't want to come out, you probably have a screwdriver that's just slightly too small.

There's also a secret screw under the label of most hard drives (to prevent people from sabotaging their hard drives and complaining about warranty afterwards).

I disassembled three drives and got three different looking discs. I'm going to use the thickest one.

PennyF182 months ago
Is there anyway you would send me a couple of caps ? I would send you a money order for the drinks if that's okay ! my granddaughter has a hog and this would be a great gift for her I could make. please think about it and see if a money order will work or some other way.THANKS
chriskarr4 months ago
I was curious - what kind of beer did the bottle cap come from? I have an affinity for hedgiehogs. :)

Nice instructable; I like the use of the hard drive disk hardware.
Thanks for the comment!
The cap comes from a Hoggy's cider. Unfortunately, A. Le Coq is an Estonian company, so I don't think that you'll find it in the States.