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Picture of Turn your iron gate into a work of art!
original gate.jpg
Looking for a way to spiff up your wrought iron gate or fence? How about adding some cool wine bottle art!

Step 1: What you'll need

  • Wine bottles (count on some bad 'cuts' and have extras).
  • Bottle scorer of your choice. We used one called the "Amazing Bottle and Jar Cutter" that we found on eBay
  • bowl of ice water
  • taper candles with some sort of holder such as a clamp or even a candlestick
  • something to grind the glass with
  • adhesive foam tape or rubber spots to hold glass in place
  • silicon caulk
DIY-Guy2 months ago
Looks really nice to see these swinging in the light in a gate.
Does the impact of the gate hitting home seem to jar the glass mountings?
Or does the silicone caulk handle the stress without delaminating?
(I ask this question from the cold climate where we live, in the Inland North West.)
fayster (author)  DIY-Guy2 months ago
It’s been 9 years since we did this. They’re still there! We don’t have the cold issue but definitely the sun! Silicone has withstood it.
DIY-Guy fayster1 month ago
That's good to hear. 9 years!
audreyspency2 months ago
Rituguptascs3 months ago
This is such a cool thing to do! With relatively little effort! Unless of course your gate is really complicated and you're going to have to try and cut out the shapes that you have on your gate… If it's just simple squares and circles like this, this could be a really nice thing to do and it will look even better when it's done!
yanksguy4 years ago

Great project. Thanks. Have you tried the burning string method of cutting bottles? I haven't yet, but wondered if that would also work.

3366carlos4 years ago


Gabeuse5 years ago

Thanks, you just gave me useful tips about using the glass cutter

(about circling only once and the use of the candle intead of the boiling water)

I will give an other try because my bottles cracked at the wrong place (maybe because I circled too many time). Do you think I can use a turbo torch to apply the heat or it will be too intense?

jakejohnson6 years ago
That is cool. I am trying to make some metal gates in calgary.
coopercook6 years ago
Thanks for the post, and I think that that is really awesome. Well first off the metal gate itself looks really nice. And I think using the bottom of bottles was a genius idea to had a artistic appeal to it.
ChrysN8 years ago
That looks really beautiful, nicely done!