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Picture of Tying a Tautline Hitch with Janine

Hi, how's it going? I'm going to show you a useful knot called the tautline hitch. Like any other hitch, a tautline hitch is used to secure a rope to a standing object. It's similar to bowline, except with a nifty addition: you can tighten it!

Step 1: Step One: Make a bight

Picture of Step One: Make a bight

Loop your rope around what you want to bind.

hdmotorc5 years ago
Hard to explain but if you repeat step 3 a few more times like 5 or 6 loops then instead of crossing over the loops to finish you loop BOTH ends you have the Ray Mears adjustable knot. Way way stronger. I hang my hammock that way. So does Ray Mears :)
janinerogers (author)  hdmotorc5 years ago

Good to know, thanks for the tip!

Chanio4 years ago

Exelent! Clear & easy to remember thanks to the nemotechniques.

janinerogers (author)  Chanio4 years ago

Thanks Chanio! I try :)

matt matt5 years ago
Very good idea to make this instructable but you tide the knot wrong. It works the way you have it but technically it is wrong. The end of the rope that you are working with should come out the opposite side, or the same side that the other non sliding rope is on.
14, 12:56 AM.jpg
janinerogers (author)  matt matt5 years ago

Oh wow, thank you! How embarrassing, I'll keep that in mind in the future.

hdmotorc5 years ago
Matt has it right. Yours works I'm sure but the Boy Scout in me is cringing
Ronelyn5 years ago
Extremely handy knot, and you described it well!
seamster5 years ago

Great instructions, and nice, clear photos. Thanks!