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From time to time, I log online to window shop. We all have expensive guilty pleasures, right? I share things that catch my eye (#DailyTemptations)with you via my social channels. I also press the “order now” way too many times and end up split between 5 different projects at the same time! One of the recent items I bought was seriously too good not to! I’m speaking about the RaspberryPI Zero to USB board. I know, I’m not solving any problems, as it’s essentially a glorified USB-microUSB cable, but just look at the end effect. If you are going to prototype and program on the go, do it like a BOSS!

Step 1: USBerry Pi

Picture of USBerry Pi

There are 2 benefits of actually using the USB kit . You will be able to SSH over USB and you will free the USB port. Plus if you going to add an external enclosure, it will look incredibly awesome! My 3D design is modular, so you can add your own decals.

The USB kit is simple, I was able to solder it to the RaspberryPi Zero in about 10 min. You could stop here, however, I wanted to make a project out of it. I have a couple of big CAD projects coming up in the future, so having something to practice on is perfect.

CaptClaude6 months ago
Your photography mojo is very strong. You are to be praised for the clarity, depth of field, and saturation of your illustrations. You have also clearly seen the superiority of female headers on a RPi0W, especially if hardware hacking is on the docket.
And the case is cool too, gonna print one in the morning. Thanks.
quintaar (author)  CaptClaude6 months ago
That's probably one of the nicest comments I have ever received! Thank you - it made me smile through and through!
salamymom6 months ago
ok, so what is this exactly? or what does it do?
quintaar (author)  salamymom6 months ago
It's not solving massive problems really, but it turn the Zero boards into USB device so you dont need to use a cable to SSH
Wild-Bill6 months ago
I am a real fan of the raspberry PI Zero W, for hardware interface control projects because so easy to create a user interface just by to connect to it over WiFi which I can easily use my phone and if I was feeling a bit insane I could backbone it on the Internet across VPN, that of course would be total overkill for controlling an espresso machine.
quintaar (author)  Wild-Bill6 months ago
thankfully, the RPIZero costs pennies, so even as overkill does not drain the pocket :)
bill20096 months ago
I like it! Does the reset button do a controlled shutdown or a hard reset?
quintaar (author)  bill20096 months ago
It's a hard reset, but if you wire it to a header pin instead you can map your own behaviour
MnMakerMan6 months ago
I am definitely going to be printing this, this is awesome!
quintaar (author)  MnMakerMan6 months ago
jessyratfink6 months ago
Love the enclosure :)
quintaar (author)  jessyratfink6 months ago
Thank you.
warhawk80806 months ago
Nifty build! Can you link to the case files?

quintaar (author)  warhawk80806 months ago
I'm sorry - must have slipped my mind. Linked in the Enclosure step