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Step 4: Assembly of Diorama

Picture of Assembly of Diorama
plexiglas glued.jpg

To assemble the diorama :

  • Start with the bottom plate and then add the 2 short sides. Wait 5min for the glue to start curing.
  • Add the 2 long sides and then wait again for at least 15min for the glue to cure.
  • Seal all edges from the inside. Go slowly, do one edge at the time and let the glue cure (~15min for each edge. This will prevent the glue to slide on your plexiglas as you seal the other edges.)
  • Place the top plate on the table and pour glue in regions where the box is going to be in contact (As you are not going to be able to seal it from the inside afterwards, see photo)
  • Let the whole box cure at least 30min in direct light (for UV curing glue)
  • Fill the box carefully with water only, using the syringe. Check for any leaks. If it is leaking, empty the box, and add more glue or silicon on the edges. Redo this step until you achieve a proper waterproofing (Even if it takes time, it's much easier to clean water than baby oil later on... Trust us!)

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