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Step 9: Adjusting the Transmitter Code

Picture of Adjusting the Transmitter Code
2019-05-06 14_28_16-board (84 KB) - Rhinoceros 6 Éducation - [Front].png
This step is only needed when the board shape is different to the proposed one.
  • You now want to adjust the settings of the code to your particular board and construction.
  • Once your arduino transmitter is firmly fixed to the surfing board, plug the arduino back to the computer.
  • You want the arduino to read 90° when stable at the horizontal. If the value read using the function Serial.Print(angle) is not 90°, adjust the code by adding or subtracting few degrees to have a nice and round 90°
  • Once this is achieved, rotate your board on one side. You can read the angle and deduct the maximum angle your board can rotate. Use this value to adjust the code to your particular need
  • Repeat this step on the other direction
  • Upload your code back to the transmitting arduino board.