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Picture of Universal Card Game Scorer

This instructable documents our quest to create a scoring device that can be used for multiple card games.

Several games such as bezique, canasta and cribbage have rather complex scoring and dedicated devices.

Nowadays there are even smartphone apps which can serve as card game scorers, but these seem to defeat one of the purposes of playing cards in the first place - to escape the smartphone!

This card scorer is designed to score in relatively straightforward games where a simple tally and maybe a bidding record is required.

After much research and many prototypes we came up with this two sided design that allows scoring up to 159 on one side and on the other side a bidding indicator from zero to 13 as well as a suit indicator.

This makes it perfect for scoring Oh Hell!, which was the original intention, but also useful for games such as Hearts, California Jack, Gin Rummy.

There is more about the game Oh Hell! at the end.

Thank you everyone who voted for us!

We won a Runners-Up prize in the Paper Contest! Whoohoo!

Step 1: Download and Print the Files

Picture of Download and Print the Files
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oh hell-originals 12.jpg
oh hell-originals 15.jpg
oh hell-originals 13.jpg

The Universal Card Scorer consists of several rotating parts.

Everything you need is on the attached pdf. This is in layers so that if you have a plotter cutter you can set it up to cut out the parts for you. If not, you can still make the scorer by cutting out the parts by hand.

Pizzaface6 months ago
This would be great for Euchre. Score is traditionally kept by each team with a pair of Five spot cards, as they're not used in a game of Euchre. As you play and drink, and drink and play, (and maybe even smoke...) elbows slide around on the table. This would keep score with no mishaps.
hugheswho (author)  Pizzaface5 months ago
Thanks - I don’t know Euchre, need to try it!
For sure your scorer is a good bit of overkill for Euchre but it's so snazzy looking.
Makerneer6 months ago
I'd never heard of the game Oh Hell! Thanks for sharing your project, it turned out nice!
hugheswho (author)  Makerneer6 months ago
Thanks! Oh Hell is a great game with or without these markers!
When his grandmother was included, my ex's family played 'Oh Pshaw!'
ecsaul236 months ago
Voted! Nice job. I could use these for scoring in munchkin. Hopefully I can get around to making some myself
hugheswho (author)  ecsaul236 months ago
Thanks! I had to google Munchkin. Looks like fun, but might need a higher score? - these scorers could be adapted with an extra wheel to log hundreds quite easily, but would need another instructable!
MummyAl6 months ago
This is soo cool!!! We love playing oh hell as a family!
hugheswho (author)  MummyAl6 months ago
Thanks! These are perfect for Oh Hell - let me know if you manage to make some!