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Picture of Up-cycled Kitchen Island

We recently moved house to a larger site with 2 homes...

My family moved into one and my mother-in-law into the second.

There were extensive renovations to both houses which are nearly complete.

This kitchen island was a Saturday afternoon project, my mother-in-law asked if I could build the island from some old furniture she didn't need elsewhere but didn't want to throw away. Her kitchen is almost entirely up/recycled so this had to fit in with that motif.

Everyone's favourite type of project, no plan, no time, no budget and the wrath of the mother-in-law if it all goes wrong...

This project is my entry for the furniture contest so if you like it please vote!

Step 1: Where to Begin?

Picture of Where to Begin?

I was presented with some items which HAD to be included, these were:

A chest of drawers & a tall hall table

What I had (in stock)

The frame from an Ikea Malm bed (malm)

4 Ikea Silveran legs (silveran)

Some 8mm dowel

An 8x4 sheet of 18mm (3/4") Plywood

Assorted srews

6mm Canadian shuttering

White deal corner strip 40x40mm

6x18mm white deal edge stip

Anti-scratch furniture feet

You know what I think would look awesome on top of that kitchen island storage block? Some marble contact paper! It's a really cheap alternative to a high-end and classy look! I reckon that it would look really good in the kitchen if you could spend a little bit more time to do up the counter top!
ThomasMaloney10 months ago
The way you made the kitchen island, it makes it seem like building such a storage unit would be so easy! I would love to see what additions you could put in to make it more mobile though!
Kink Jarfold11 months ago

Imagine if you went out and had one custom built. You did a really nice job. KJ

Grant Wood.png
Left-field Designs (author)  Kink Jarfold11 months ago
Thanks. Hopefully when it's all painted up and the new top arrives it will look finished