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Picture of Upcycled GREEN Nature Lamp

Gather round, I got me a lamp that y'all might wanna try makin', just gimme a moment to show y'all how.

Here we have us a fantastic green upcycled lamp, featuring a jar, USB or battery power, and a log. Oh, and it has RGB LEDs in it. Even though I only wanted green light. More options for later, I suppose.

It's green for 3 reasons:

  • It uses mostly natural and recycled materials, so it is environmentally friendly
  • It has Green LEDs
  • It is painted green in accordance with the nature theme

I don't know why I continue to do projects that involve woodworking when I clearly don't have the right tools, but here I am again. I found myself a good sized log the other day, and a funky looking jar. Heck with it, let's try to make something useful.

Looking around my workspace, my eyes landed on one of those RGB submersible battery powered IR contolled light disk thingy-ma-jiggers that you can buy for real cheap, and that's when I twigged (well, in this case logged) a fantastic idea. Let's build us a lamp! And better yet, a nature-y green lamp with leaf patterns!

If you like this, please leave a vote in the Colors of the Rainbow contest, I'd really appreciate it, and don't forget to comment, favorite, follow, whatever. I really appreciate feedback of any sort ('cuz I really don't get much in the first place) and your support and opinions help me formulate new and cool ideas for awesome projects to put up here on Instructables. So yeah, lemme know y'all exist, and let's go do summat cool!

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Picture of Gathering Materials

Here we go again... Even though it may seem trivial, you should always make sure you have everything you need before you begin a project.

You will need:

1x small jar (mine is from a set of binder clips)

1x Submersible RGB Lamp with IR Remote (you can get them here)

1x log of diameter greater than 4"

1x USB cable (mine is recycled from a mouse)

Some dried moss

Green and Yellow gloss spraypaint

masking tape

a toothpick


Hot Glue Gun

Soldering Iron


Drill with a 3" holesaw


X-acto Knife