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Picture of Upcycled PCB earrings

Hi it's aardvark! Here's a great project to make a beautiful piece of jewellery from a pre-loved circuit board. If you have trouble parting with an old electronic device this is a great way to keep a memory of it.

Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:

You will need:

  • 2 silver jump rings
  • 2 silver shepherd earring hooks
  • 2 earring backings
  • a black marker (not permanent)
  • a beautiful PCB
  • tin snips
  • sandpaper or Dremel tool
  • superglue (optional)

Note: Do all cutting and sanding in an open area with appropriate protective equipment. This is because your lungs may be exposed to carbon dust.

These are cute and they are always going to be unique!
LynorL5 months ago
Don’t printed circuit boards contain hazardous materials like lead, nickel, mercury, and others?
aardvark electronics (author)  LynorL5 months ago
Great point LyornL , you need to be careful which types of circuit boards you're cutting and also wear a respirator when doing so. You are right they contain lead and nickel in small amounts but near to no mercury.
seamster5 months ago
Love it. Elegant and nerdy, all in one. Win-win! : )
aardvark electronics (author)  seamster5 months ago
Thanks seamster that's exactly what I wanted them to be!