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Picture of Upcycled Trash Solar Garden Light

For this Instructable I want to share how I upcycled a trash solar garden light into an LED feature light.

Our next door neighbour was throwing this solar light out as it was sat amongst the bin area so I asked him if he would part with it as I knew it could be made good with some TLC.

Step 1: Bits Used for This Upcycle

Picture of Bits Used for This Upcycle

Here is a list of the bits and the equipment I used for this upcycle:

* Glue gun

* Bench vice

* Metal file

* Band saw

* Battery drill

* Duct tape

* Stanley blade

* LED light (I used a battery powered type)

* x1 wooden dowle

* x1 55mm screw

* 2mm drill bit

* 5mm ply wood

* Scissors

* x1 Silver gloss spray can

* x1 Grey primer spray can

* x1 Black gloss spray can (all the cans of spray bought for £1 each)

* Sandpaper

* 2mm A3 laminated obscure sheets

Makerneer5 months ago
That turned out really nice, thanks for sharing!
RandomWoodWork (author)  Makerneer5 months ago
Thankyou for your comments glad you like it

tercero5 months ago
I'm jealous. That's really a beautiful piece. Actually I kind of liked the rust look. I know there's paint available that gives items a rusted look. I've seen a few large clocks painted with it, it's kind of a cool finish.
Nice 'ible. Thanks for sharing.
RandomWoodWork (author)  tercero5 months ago
Thankyou for you for your comments

I will keep my eye out for that rust looking spray paint next time I'm at the store
audreyobscura5 months ago
This is an awesome upcycle!
RandomWoodWork (author)  audreyobscura5 months ago
Thankyou :)