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Picture of Valentine's Day Papercraft - Robot Cupid
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Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Instructables! Let's make a sweet robot valentine together to celebrate. It's fun and easy to build, and even holds candy! Building Robot Cupid also helps pump up your 2D to 3D skills while making a thoughtful gift. Build this project with family, friends, teachers & students*, or for yourself. Instructables is also running a Valentine's Day Robot Papercraft Challenge & Giveaway!

When you post a photo of your Robot Cupid (here on this Instructable as an "I Made It", or on Twitter, or Instagram), we’ll send you an Instructables giveaway pack! Additionally, Instructables staff will feature the best recreations of this papercraft project on our Twitter and Instagram Stories (and tag you, of course).

Here’s how to participate:

  • Create your valentine by following the detailed instructions in this project.
  • Post a photo of your papercraft to Instagram and/or Twitter, tagging @instructables and #RobotCupid. (You’ll have to follow us on each platform so we can DM you.)
  • Alternatively, post your creation as an "I Made It" at the bottom of this project.
  • We must receive submissions and iterations of this project by February 18, 2019 (11:59pm Pacific Time) to be eligible for this offering.

*Teachers & Students: Check out the Lesson Plan in Step 8 to learn more about connecting making with literacy skills in the classroom.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
  • Printed templated (regular 8.5x11" or A4 copy paper)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (glue stick preferred)

Print Options:

  • Color: Full color print - ready to go!
  • BW: Black and white print - color it in!
  • Blank: Black and white print with blank template - decorate it yourself!
Hey everyone!

Thank you all so much for participating in this papercraft challenge! We've assigned all the gifts to your accounts, and to claim your goodies, all you have to do is:
-log in to
-check your Inbox
-open the message from Instructables Robot and follow the link to the claim form!

If you run into any hurdles be sure and reach out to us directly via email at
Thanks to all the team from instructables. We received the parcel and my daughter was thrilled! I put a photo on twitter. Thanks very much you made a little girl very happy she is an instructables robot fan too :-)
Well, apparently (or not), there was a deadline to respond and claim the
prizes/offers. When I got to read the message about it, that deadline
had already passed...

Lesson learned.
Hi, I talked to the moderators and they have decided it should be okay for you to go ahead and fill out the form :) Since they were trying to get all of these out at once, it may take a bit to get sent, but you'll still get it!
Thanks for making this happen! I'll fill out my details in the form.
I'll let you know when I receive the offers.

Just received my package. The notepad is great!


KotyaraKiev5 months ago
My daugther received gifts! Thank you very much!
I still didn't receive anything. Can you please check and tell me why.
Thank You, Instructables I have got my Pencil Notebook and the stickers
Cute and funny) I like it!)
pfrsantos7 months ago
Just added my Robot. I like your ideas, have already used some to make at home. How will I receive your prize? Will I be contacted by e-mail to send you my shipping info?

Well, apparently (or not), there was a deadline to respond and claim the
prizes/offers. When I got to read the message about it, that deadline
had already passed...

Lesson learned.
Elaina M (author)  pfrsantos7 months ago
Hi pfrsantos! I'm glad you enjoyed the papercraft. After the give-away closes on February 18th, Instructables will start to compile a list of participants and send out a form to collect your address. It usually takes a couple of weeks to collect everyone's contact info and start shipping things out.
KarlisO16 months ago
I'm disappointed. Gifts will to send only to US
Nope! Instructables swag gets sent everywhere, which is what is being given out here.

The text on the prize claim page is about bigger prizes like laptops or machinery - many times it's better for us and the winner to send a gift card instead. That way the winner can avoid additional shipping costs or taxes and we don't have to worry about a piece of expensive equipment never getting to the winner. :)
Unicorn81936 months ago
Hello? I have been waiting since the 18th! When will it get to my house???

Elaina M (author)  Unicorn81936 months ago
Hi Unicorn8193 - don't see your username attached to an 'I made it" on this project. Can you help me find where you participated ?
Hey Elaina, sorry I forgot to say, I posted it on instagram, but I don’t think we ever got a DM!
Elaina M (author)  Unicorn81936 months ago
I'll PM you to get your Instagram handle and look into this further. Thanks !
please mail
Elaina M (author)  NISHANT CHANDNA6 months ago
Hi NISHANT CHANDNA , thank you for participating in the Robot Cupid paper craft give-away. We hope you had fun making with us. We've sent out messages to all the participants with instructions on how to provide their info. Please understand that it does take some time and effort to collect all of the usernames from participants. We appreciate the community being patient as we work through the processes of making sure everyone receives their give-aways. We hope you enjoy your pack when it gets to you and look forward to seeing you make along with us in the future :)
Lepeach made it!6 months ago
My first paper craft
Natalina Lepeach6 months ago
Wow first ever?? Glad to have provided the inspiration for your first one! Thanks for participating!
Lepeach Natalina6 months ago
You're welcome
KarlisO1 made it!7 months ago
It wasn't as easy as I expected ...
Elaina M (author)  KarlisO16 months ago
You did a great job making your own Robot Cupid and it looks flawless. I hope you enjoyed the challenge and had fun making this paper craft :)
KarlisO1 Elaina M6 months ago
Yes, it was nice. I'm waiting for the giveaway :)
KotyaraKiev made it!7 months ago
This robot was made by my 10 year old daughter. Jumping balls inside :)
Elaina M (author)  KotyaraKiev6 months ago
This is awesome !! Your daughter did a fantastic job personalizing her little robot - high five - those ears are adorable btw!!
Thank you!
JR Tyner made it!6 months ago
My robot army is legion!
Natalina JR Tyner6 months ago
That's awesome that you've made all three! Thanks for participating in these with us :)
JR Tyner Natalina6 months ago
Thank you! I want to try and make all of them. Have I missed any?
Well, there was a christmas ornament, but it's not really a robot..
Natalina JR Tyner6 months ago
Nope! Those three are it so far. Stay tuned for more!
rtipping made it!6 months ago
Made my little robot into a frog prince. Thank you
Frog robot.jpg
Natalina rtipping6 months ago
Aaaah I love this! What a creative evolution, amazing job coloring and creating a new character. That tongue is the best. Thanks for sharing!
NastjaR made it!6 months ago
Make the best out of baby sitting! :)
Natalina NastjaR6 months ago
Ahahah this is amazing! I love your modifications :) Thanks for sharing it with us!
denahemerson made it!6 months ago
Happy belated Valentines!
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