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Picture of Vanilla Cake Recipe (Birthday Cake)

This vanilla cake is perfect for Birthday party! It is a classic vanilla cake, filled with delicious vanilla cream and blueberries, as well as vanilla cream cheese frosting. It has been decorated with homemade edible glass and fresh and dry berries.

This recipe was first published on Cooking Journey Blog: Vanilla Cake Recipe (Birthday Cake Recipe)

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Step 1: Make cake sponges

Picture of Make cake sponges

Start 3 days before your party.

Preheat oven to 350 F / 180 C.

Prepare 2 x 6 inch or 16 cm cake pans to bake 4 sponges in 2 batches.

Put the baking paper on the bottom of the pans and grease the sides with butter.

In a big bowl, with electric mixer, whip 12 room temperature eggs with 375 ml milk and 1 tbsp vanilla extract for 5 minutes until doubled.

In a separate big bowl combine sieved 675 g cake flour with 6 tsp baking powder and 300 g sugar.

Working in batches, mix 675 g unsalted butter cubes with dry ingredients until you have sand-like mixture. You can use a for or a hand mixer on a slowest speed.

Gradually add whipped eggs with milk. Mix until combined.

Divide the batter to 4 parts.

Bake cake sponges 40 minutes, until inserted wooden skewer comes out clean. Bake another batch

Let the cakes cool for 30 minutes in the pans, then let them cool completely overnight. Using serrated knife or cake leveler, trim the bottoms and tops of each cake sponge to make them even.

Such a beautiful cake! I love the way you frosted it :)
Cooking Journey (author)  Penolopy Bulnick4 months ago
Thank you so much! We're so happy with the color and decoration of the cake :)