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So this guide is about how I converted a vintage military ammunition crate into a display case with sliding, removable pegs that run in a custom slat storage system. I know that's a lot to process, but following along will basically teach you how to make this kind of display out of ANY wooden box, but it looks really cool as an ammo crate.

To get started, you will need the following tools and materials:

- An old ammunition crate: Actually any wooden crate with a hinged lid will do, and it's best if it's a bit shallow as well.

- Wooden slats: I used old lathe from a house remodel, but any 1-1.5 inch by 3/8-1/2 inch wood will do fine.

- 6 Penny Roofing Nails: as many as you wish to make pegs, I used about 20

- 3/4 inch wooden dowel: I used a few old drumsticks, but any dowel in the 3/4 - 1 inch range will do

- Acrylic Sheet: About 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick, the same size as your box's lid or larger

- Hacksaw: or any saw capable of cutting through the metal nails easily and cleanly.

- Cross Cut Hand Saw: Or any saw capable of cutting the slats at a clean, 90 degree angle

- Table Saw: for cutting down the acrylic. You can also use a jigsaw with the proper blade installed or any means you know will cut it cleanly and safely.

- Drill/Driver: with bits that can remove/replace the hardware screws for you crate and drill holes they can comfortable mount through. A drill bit slightly smaller in diameter than your nail's shanks as well.

- Laser Engraver (optional): I laser etched the stencil from the top of my crate into the new acrylic lid. I borrowed my friend's laser for this step.

- Carpenter's (claw) Hammer: Hopefully pretty self explanatory

- Blue Painter's Tape

- Rabbet Plane/Shoulder Plane: For making the rabbet/groove in the side of the slats. Alternatively you can use a tablesaw (carefully), a router (more carefully) or even a chisel for this.

- Sandpaper: Just some rough grit like 80 and a finer grit like 120 and 220.

Step 1: Prep and Cut Your Slats

Picture of Prep and Cut Your Slats
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- Using your hammer, pull any nails you might have in the slats if you're using reclaimed wood.

- Cut the slats to the exact interior dimension of the box that will be hung parallel to the floor. For example, if it will be hung vertically, like mine, cut the slats to the interior, shorter dimension.

- Sand off any dirt or rough edges on the slats.

zyonchaos5 months ago
I like this, looks old school, with a modern twist. Good luck