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Picture of Vintage Circular Saw Table Lamp

What do you do with old junk you have laying around? While the trash is always a option some things seem too cool to throw away even though they may no longer be useful for their original purpose. I purchased a vintage Black and Decker circular saw on years ago thinking it would be a useful addition to my shop however once I received it I realized it had a arbor that doesn't fit modern saw blades and the motor was pretty weak. So what to do with my $30 saw now, it looks to cool to throw away...a lamp! My granddad was always building lamps out of unique items I have a set he made out of old brass machine oilers and one made out of the steam whistle off his old sawmill. Following are step by step instructions on turning this old junk into a cool looking lamp.

Step 1: Gather the Parts

Picture of Gather the Parts

Many of the parts can be found used at your local junk store or scavenged from old lamps. The saws can be found on eBay, shop goodwill or in many antique stores. I purchased the lamp stem for another project from lamp parts store you can also get the lamp socket and shade harp from them. The full list of components I used is below.

- 1 vintage saw preferably all aluminum construction

- 1 Lamp Socket

- 1 Lamp Harp

- 1 cord (I used a industrial style 3 prong to retain the saw look instead of a typical 2 wire lamp cord)

-1 Lamp Stem I used PIST08 from Grand Brass they have a variety of finishes and lengths available make sure to go with the long thread to have enough thread to bolt to the saw.

-3 nuts for stem NU234 from Grand Brass

- 1 saw blade I used a junk one some saws may have the blade in them.

-Never Dull metal polish

-1 Board for base

-4 #8 3/4" long Pan head screws to attach saw to base\

-Shade and bulb of your choosing

That's just too cool. Way to go.
Eh Lie Us!5 months ago
Good night, Irene! That is amazing. The cut line on the block is what makes it for me. Thanks for sharing.
rustybender5 months ago
Very cool build. You've given me some great inspiration for a future project.
brad ley5 months ago
Very nice build and well written instructable. In future builds it might be cool to make the power switch on the tool the light switch.
Makerneer5 months ago
Your lamp turned out awesome, the cut in the base is such a cool touch! Thanks for sharing!
Wow!! You are AMAZING!! Super awesome idea!!
Aeynghus5 months ago
This is very cool. You got my vote. Adding this to my very long list of things to make.
Mimikry5 months ago
very appealing lamp!
cool idea!
domino885 months ago
I love the idea. Great looking lamp!