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Step 10: Finishing

I like oil and wax finishes since I like to preserve the original, natural feel of the wood. A popular finish is CA glue, which I won't cover but you can look up as needed.

Grab a small piece of paper towel and rub in an oil, like boiled linseed oil or tung oil, into your wood. Personally I use this bottle of mystery oil that work nicely. You'll see it darken and the grain will pop!

I like to use an abrasive-imbedded wax like hut wax to further polish the wood and protect it. Unfortunately, I misplaced the stick of it so I use a stick of abrasive polish (red) and a bar of carnauba wax (yellow).

To use these, lightly run the stick across your piece while it's spinning on the lathe (yes, this means your piece should still be mounted on a lathe). You'll see spirals if you're going the right speed. You don't want to cover the piece; you just want a bit to rub into the wood. Next grab your oily paper towel, turn up the lathe speed, and rub the compound into the wood. You'll want high enough pressure that you feel heat building up under your fingers, but not enough that you start scorching the wood (surprisingly easy!).

Do the same thing with the carnauba wax (remember to turn the lathe speed back down for running the wax stick against the wood), and then you're finished!