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Step 12: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

To finish, remove the piece from the lathe. You can do this by going in with your spindle gouge gradually at the tip and narrowing the diameter until the piece snaps off the lathe. Then sand the tip by hand, and add oil. Alternatively, if I feel like the tip is too risky, I'll just remove it from the lathe and sand the tip down to a taper by hand with a sanding wheel. It's difficult to get right, for me at least, but practice makes perfect!

To assemble, press the pen tip to the bottom of your shorter section. Then press the main pen hardware (that houses the pen) into the opposite end of the shorter section. Slip the middle band on, insert and screw in your cross-style ballpoint refill, and push the long section on top. Voila!

I'll take a chance to showcase some of the wand-erful pens I've made so far. The one below is purpleheart wood with chrome hardware.

Below is ebony with golden hardware and gold paste rubbed in.

This one is wenge with the same gold hardware and gold paste. I learned to use the pores to my advantage!

For the next steps, I'll go over things that have gone wrong for me while making these, and how to avoid them.