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Step 2: Prepping Blanks

For this pen, you'll need two pieces of wood: one that's about 2-1/16" long (the same length as the 7mm brass tubes in the slimline kit, + 1/16" for barrel trimming later) and another that's as long as you like (for the tip of the wand-pen). I just used two standard 3/4" x 3/4" x 5" pen blanks: cut off 2-1/16" of one using a miter saw and used the full 5" of the other for the top section.

You'll need to drill holes into each of them, and for that you'll want the holes as centered as possible. Use a center finder to locate the center on one end of the blank and use the awl and hammer to make a guide hole at that location.

If you don't have a center finder, use your best judgment and make a guide hole with the awl at that location.

PaulK3104 months ago
Love your stuff. You've made some impressive wand pens. I wanted to make a recommendation about finding center. Theres this brand called Blokkz, and they have a center punch called the squid. I've used it on small and large blanks and finds dead center on even odd shaped or imperfect blanks. Highly recommend this punch.
Saw your stuff on reddit and i'm glad I found your instructables account. Going to try and make a wanderful pen in the upcoming months. Great and thorough instructions.