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Step 4: Gluing Brass Tubes and Squaring Ends

The brass tubes can now be glued inside the holes you just drilled. Use an epoxy or thick gel super glue, not the thin kind: there is a gap between the tubes and the wood, which you'll want a thicker glue to fill up.

Wait a generous amount of time for the glue to dry. Sure, the instructions will probably say that it sets in 10 seconds or so, but you don't want to risk wasting your precious wood or worse, having the wood fly off the tube and at your face.

Once the glue is sufficiently dry, the blanks will need to be squared, meaning that you need to make sure the faces at the end of the brass tube are as close to perpendicular to the tubes as possible. That ensures that the pen hardware will sit flush with the bottom edges when you assemble everything. Use your barrel trimmer for this. If I cut the blanks a bit too long and know it would take forever to trim by hand, I use a belt sander to get the wood close before finishing the trim by hand.