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Step 6: Mounting on Lathe: Longer Section

To turn the longer section, you'll need to support both the end with a brass tube in it and the end without. For the brass tube, we'll use a barrel trimmer stuck into a Jacob's chuck. (see next step for an alternative method though) That way, you can also slip on the slimline bushings to make sure you're tapering the edge to the right diameter to fit with the pen hardware. The metal is a nice and rigid surface, not to mention that this open end "chuck" is easy to assemble with things you might already have lying around. On the other end at the tailstock, you'll have a live center.

Slip the brass tube end of the blank onto the barrel trimmer and bring your tailstock up to the other end to make a small indent on the bottom of the blank. Take the tube off and use an awl to make a deeper indent at that location, so that your live center has more of a surface to catch onto. Then mount the blank back on your lathe, and tighten it between the chuck and live center.