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Picture of Waste Material Kusudama Balls

Kusudama - is a sphere composed of multiple interlocking origami modules folded out of square sheeth of material/ Traditionally it's believed, that kusudama's possess healing qualities. Anyways, here's a wikipedia page for you.

Treditionally kusudama balls are made of paper, but here I want to explore different materials that can be utilized to produce an array (I'm only showing one desigh here) of decorative objects.

This project was inspired by a tutorial video on ArtMobius YouTube Channel:

Step 1:

Picture of

Ok, to begin, we'll be needing our materials. Ast the title suggests, those -are mostly garbage. I'll demonstrate the process using aluminium soda cans, but I'll also showcase two alternative options with plastic PET bottles and Tetra-Pak cartons involved.

The sphere I ended up using soda cans has 16,5cm in diameter, and it took 12 of 0,5L cans for making it. So if, you're not planning makink your kusudama half as small, a dozen of cans you'll need.

This is so amazing on so many levels. Awesome idea for reusing old cans. Totally going to make it myself.
Waldemar Sha (author)  JohnSmith-Workshop7 months ago
Thank you.
XofHope7 months ago
These are really impressive! I'm not sure I'd be able to fold and bend
all that thin aluminium without cutting myself, but the end result sure
is worth the try! :)
Waldemar Sha (author)  XofHope7 months ago
Thank you. Yeah, I should have warned about wearing gloves.
oldmaninSC7 months ago
looks like you could use any material to make the balls. I am going to make some right now !
Waldemar Sha (author)  oldmaninSC7 months ago
I'm pretty sure, you won't be able to use bricks... but since it's the internent, I'm also quiet scared of challenging anybody...
AnandM547 months ago
Really nice idea..
Waldemar Sha (author)  AnandM547 months ago
Thank you.