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Picture of Weedwacker Repair- 'String' Doesn't Spin, Gear Problem?

In this Instructable I'm going to show how I repaired an old 'Weed Eater' string trimmer. New parts seem to be still available but I really didn't want to spend $50.00+ for a machine that only cost $80.00 (around 10 yrs ago) It had a pretty serious vibration problem for a few years,I assumed the engine was worn out but when drive stopped working motor still ran fine

With nothing to loose I decided to take it apart and find out how much damage had been done

I'm making a few assumptions that anyone reading Instructables will already have majority of tools needed, Dremel is now a generic name for mini grinders most of the other tools required are relatively cheap (except for Dremel, you could probably get everything needed for less tan $30.00) I've had my Dremel for at least 10 yrs, it's old and tatty but works fine (just like me :o) )

Tools Required

Bench vice (makes life easier but any sort of holding device can work)

Torx bits

Metric Allen keys

Caliper ((around $15.00, Harbor Freight,

Thin steel (I found a bottle cap) and had one shim washer


Power drill or drill press

'Step' drill bit


'Flat' Screwdriver or small pry-bar

Dremel (or similar)

Diamond burr's 1/8" shank for Dremel

You only need the pointy 'tree' burr but full set from China is cheaper than getting single burr locally

Step 1: The Offending Part

Picture of The Offending Part

Gear head on old Weedeater is 'engineering plastic' held together with multiple Torx head screws plus 3 Allen head screws/bolts clamping head to shaft (two clamp, one to prevent head rotating on shaft)..There is also a wing nut holding guard in place which needs to be removed to access the 'hidden' screw holding two halves of gear case together. Unfortunately I got carried away (never intended to make an Instructable out of repair) so there are no pictures of case disassembly.

The large 'nut' screwed onto shaft is also a labyrinth 'seal' being a close fit on the extended spigot of gear case.This was the only difficult thing to remove. I gripped 'nut' it in bench vice, removed screw holding string holder head retaining spring then unscrewed the 'cutter' head

Except for previously mentioned screw hidden under 'string' guard all the others are fully visible (after cleaning years of grass dust from the recesses ;o) )