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Picture of Weighted Blanket Woven With Polyester Lashing

Before making my weighted blanket, I made a welcome mat as a test run:

This instructable will be similar with a couple of slight differences besides the obvious size differences. I find that I like to make a trial version of something before I make the final larger version.

Step 1: Warnings

Picture of Warnings

Like the welcome mat, you will be using a propane torch to keep the ends from fraying. Do not burn yourself.

With weighted blankets there are some extra warnings. Most warnings I found online about weighted blankets vary. Some say consult a doctor before using. Some warnings I found said to not go more than 20 percent of your body weight. My blanket ended up being 30 pounds. One of the warnings that was the same everywhere I found warnings about weighted blankets was DO NOT US ON CHILDREN 2 YEARS OLD OR YOUNGER.

You should talk to a doctor before using a weighted blanket......just to be safe.

SusanP1703 months ago
If anyone is concerned about the "roughness " of the polyester lashing, after making, it could be inserted into a twin size duvet cover. You may have to adjust the size slightly depending on the duvet covers size, but they're usually about 50" wide by 80" long
Or sew two sheets together and make your own cover.
jeanniel15 months ago
Can the straps be purchased in a roll? I'm visualizing tearing apart my straps for hooking up things and keeping stuff from blowing apart! Sounds expensive
CHARLESCRANFORD (author)  jeanniel15 months ago
You could purchase the straps, but one of the reasons that I used them was that I got them for free. Thank you for your question.
Makerneer5 months ago
Interesting twist on the usual weighted blanket, using heavy material instead of adding weight inside the blanket. Thanks for sharing!
CHARLESCRANFORD (author)  Makerneer5 months ago
Thank you. Even though it was a lot of work. I have seen some DIY weighted blankets that would take quite a lot of work and time to make. And this one was almost free.
CHARLESCRANFORD (author) 5 months ago
Thank you for the comment. I was thinking of not weaving it as tight and leave air holes, for coolness and less weight. I was afraid it was going to weigh like 80 pounds, but after some quick math, I was worried for nothing. Even at 4 feet x 8 feet it only weighed 35 pounds and it was cool, especially when you first put it on.

Please copy away. And take pictures. I would love to see how it turns out for you.
seamster5 months ago

I've wanted to make a weighted blanket for a while now, but I wanted it to have no real heat factor so it could be used during summer months over a sheet, or in winter over a blanket.

I had been picturing a loosely woven cargo net, maybe even with copper pennies sewn in . . . but wasn't sure what kind of material could be found for free or cheap to use. You found it, and executed this nicely! Well done!

I might copy this at some point ; )